Atomic habits

abhineet mishra
2 min readJan 30, 2022

Starting a routine for 2-minute habit while reading ‘Atomic habits’ book. It rightly states that “you are what you repeat” and to build a habit you first need to first the habit and them improve upon it. In order develop the habit you can start the 2 minute habit routine and repeat it day after day. Start the habit for just 2 minutes in a set frequency. Basically he says that ‘just show up’. Move slowly but forward. Slowly and gradually you will develop the habit and then start improving.

One very interesting aspect mentioned in the story is about the rush of dopamine in brain during anticipation of a good reward vs after getting the reward. The dopamine rush while wanting or anticipation of reward is far greater. This has been proved because the portion of brain which gets activated during the anticipation of a good reward is bigger than the portion of brain which is activated after getting the reward. I had always wondered why we(or may be just me) get more excited during planning for a trip or a party as opposed to when the trip or party actually happens :)

One important aspect writer mentioned is about that decisive moment while building the habit. There is always that one action, the very first action, if gets done, you will follow the pattern of activities to perform the habit. He calls it as the ‘Decisive moment’ for building the habit. e.g. if you want to build a habit of waking up early, if you wake up after alarm and gulp a sip of water, it is 70% more chance that you will not snooze the alarm button. I will follow this tip :D